'My Sydney' is a short film I was privileged to be able to shoot in such a beautiful city, featuring my favourite vistas of the the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House, the Royal Botanic Gardens and other spectacular views around the Harbour. My Sydney was filmed in the early hours of sunrise and sunset at times between 4:45 am and 8:00 pm over a period of three weeks.

This was a pleasure to watch, Asher. The moving camera shots really shine...You picked great times of day for filming ;)
— Stephen Nangeroni, Vimeo Staff, Filmmaker, Photographer
Stunning cinematography Asher. Lovely and atmospheric!
— Charlie Locke, Cinematographer
You have a keen eye for the spatial relationship between foreground and background. That is a real talent.
— Brandon Shafto, Cinematographer, Photographer

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